Saturday, 10 October 2015

Froggy Encounter

One night recently I encountered one of the garden frogs and decided to compare the lighting with the Nikon built in flash and one of the miniature LED flood lights. All the photos are cropped and auto enhanced in iPhoto, mainly for exposure:

Taken with the Nikon's own flash:


Taken with the mini LED flood:


As you can see the flood light illumination is on the orange / yellow side. Something I had noticed with the photo of the pupa I took a few days ago. This is not really surprising as the flood has 16 LEDs, 8 appear to be brilliant white and 8 what is often called warm white:


Not a real problem as a tweak of the temperature and tint settings in iPhoto pretty well brings things back to normal. This one started out like the last but has been 'adjusted':



  1. Colour casts are no longer a problem but I wonder why they put the warm LEDs in the lamp.

  2. I have no idea how to tinker with my photographs. What you see on my blog is what I take. And you John, as such a serious photographer, can no doubt see that immediately.

  3. Well done on the last one - the light looks very natural in color. It is not as "glarey" as the builtin.


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