Saturday, 20 February 2016

Another Arduino Project

While I'm waiting for a couple of parts for the weather station I decided to have a play with a larger LED display. This one is made up with four units each with 8 LEDs across and 8 LEDs down so the whole matrix is 32 x 8. Total size 5 x 1.25 inches (128 x 31mm). Each LED is addressable so, with a bit of programming, it can show simple graphics, letters and numbers. My first attempt was an abject failure to show anything but the next day I found I had the two data connections reversed. Once put right it sprang into life. The shapes of letters and numbers have to be defined in the program. That took a while to investigate and remember from school days how to use arrays to store information and how to retrieve and display it. The letters came from a program on the internet but the numbers I had to design myself.

This is the display, driven by an Arduino Uno R3 and powered by a 5V battery:

So far just a test program to get everything working as I want. My aim is to add one more part to measure temperature so I end up with an electronic thermometer I can read from across the room.

As you can see, the Arduino driven turntable I made quite some while ago is still working.


  1. I don't just not understand this John - the technicalities scare me stiff! I still use the pine cone method of deciding whether or not it is going to rain.

    1. Weaver: My A level subjects were Maths and Physics as were my subjects at college. Also I've been playing with electronics for nearly 60 years though new things can still be a steep learning curve.

  2. I wish I had your perseverance. Maybe next winter I'll try and master the basics.
    This looks great.

    1. Adrian: I'm getting back into the swing of Arduino programming though it has taken a few years. I gave up on 3D graphics whereas you have persevered.


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