Thursday, 11 February 2016

Home Brew Weather Station (Part 2)

I had a change of mind with the display. For me not only the immediate temperature is of interest but so are the maximum and minimum temperatures.

First thought. With a bit of extra coding and rearranging the display I came up with:


Top left, immediate temperature.  Top right immediate percentage relative humidity.
Bottom left, maximum temperature, Bottom right, rainfall in mm.


Switched so the bottom left shows minimum temperature.
I put the sensor in the top of a freezer to check it showed negative temperatures OK.

Further thought. Do away with the humidity reading:


Now I have:
Top left, immediate temperature, Top right, total rainfall in mm
Bottom left, maximum temperature. Bottom right, minimum temperature.


I am quite pleased with the final layout. The whole thing draws less than 80mA.
Once cased the unit will have buttons to reset max / min temperature and rainfall. On my old home brew rain gauge I reset the count at the beginning of each month and I would probably want to reset max / min temp daily.


  1. I am bowled over by your expertise here John. The whole thing is still a foreign language - but shall enjoy the results when it is up and working.

    1. Weaver: It's certainly keeping my brain active.

  2. looks great! Is display only or does it keep a record too?

    1. Wilma: Display only at the moment. I'm still thinking about how to keep records with it.

  3. This looks sorted. I'll have to have a go at mine as it is suffering some corrosion.

    1. Adrian: I keep thinking of new things to add. The cheap commercial ones don't really seem to last very long before they need the six inch drop test to keep them going.


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