Sunday, 24 April 2016

Apple Time Lapse Experiment

Well, my first experiment at long term time lapse photography has been running for about five weeks. Today I stopped the experiment. Instead of rotting away the half apple just dried out, shrank somewhat and became mummified. This is just the final 500 shots, one taken every hour, converted to a video. I will have to try to find out why the lighting flickers so much. There are several possibilities. Maybe the flash gun doesn't give exactly the same light output every shot. Maybe the camera doesn't give exactly the same exposure every shot. It is set for 1/25 sec at f18.

I have started a new one with a tomato which is already showing signs of mould growing so that may give a more interesting video. I had to stand it on something to stop it from rolling around. The blue object is an upturned measuring cup for the liquid I use in the washing machine:

 DSCN6201    DSCN6199

One thing which is working as it should is my program on the Arduino. Even after a week or so the timing is within a second or two of the 60 minute wait between shots I set it for.


  1. The interval seems about right. If you have an old FD lens then try that. I am sure as I can be that it is the aperture varying. Did I mention that if you fix the aperture press the DOF button and undo the lens a bit it leaves the aperture fixed?

  2. Adrian: Had a bit of a scrabble round. Found an old Asahi Pentax screw fitting prime lens and a Canon adaptor I took from my old bellows set up. The adaptor isolates all the automatic settings from the camera. Quick test. It seems to work fine with the lens manually fixed at about f16 and the camera set to 1/125 second. Another two+ weeks wait now to see how things look.

  3. The apple is a bit creepily reminiscent of a brain!

    1. Simon: I have a feeling mine probably looks like that these days.


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