Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cloudy Panorama

Taken a couple of days ago between heavy rain showers.
Three stitched photos using Autostitch (Mac) to make a panoramic view.

Enhanced slightly to show more detail in the shadows using Elements 10:

pano clouds 1e

Almost sepia with just a bit of colour left in:

pano clouds 2e

As always clicking on a photo takes you to Flickr where larger views can be seen.


  1. It's done a grand job. Did you compare it with the stitcher in Elements?
    When I think back to the days of anchor points and adjusting brightness what today is a few clicks used to take hours and I never got good results.

  2. Adrian: I tried the stitcher in Elements a long time ago. Took it ages to produce a fairly pathetic attempt. Auto stitching seems to work well as long as there are some decent contrasty bits in each photo for it to work with.


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