Saturday, 2 April 2016

Little Green Pests

Although I have sprayed it three times my Kangaroo Paws plant is infested with greenfly:

Microscope captures:

Single shot:

Focus stacked shots:
2016-03-31-14.08.37 ZS PMax2

Hand held focus stacked camera shots:
2016-03-31-13.53.35 ZS PMax2

Looks like I will have to find something stronger to get rid of them.

In case anyone is wondering - the time lapse of the apple is still in progress. Two weeks now. It's a slow process. After the first three days I did reset the timing from one shot every 10 minutes to one shot every 20 minutes.


  1. These are good.
    I used to use washing up liquid on greenfly. Can't recall how successful it was.
    The timelapse should be very smooth. I was thinking in terms of half a dozen shots per day. Maybe a banana would go off faster.

    1. Adrian: I had thought about using a bit of Fairy.
      The apple seemed to seal itself so it's taking a long time for any reaction to take place. A banana is a good idea. I am forever leaving one or two for too long in the cupboard.

    2. Fairy washes the wax off them and they don't like that.

  2. John - I am so glad that greenfly do not look like this to the naked eye.

  3. Looks like early bees are feeding off their sap though, on the ivy leaves near me

  4. I bet dishwashing soap would work for the infestation. Great images, especially the last one with "mini-me".


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