Sunday, 3 April 2016

Minibeasts and a new Planter

It was time to replace an old wooden planter which has stood next to the pond for more than a decade. The wood was beginning to rot but what to replace it with? I had had my eye on a wishing well planter for a while and finally got round to ordering one. It arrived by courier on Saturday morning so I set about assembling it. I had wondered just how much assembly would be needed but there were only 15 parts and sections which needed screwing and bolting together as some sections we pre-assembled. In a bit less than an hour there it was ready to put in place:


Then came the task of dismantling the old planter and finding some wood to make a shallow stand to raise it up a bit. That was when I found the minibeasts sheltering under rotting wood:


Among the dozens of woodlice was a rather splendid beetle:



Seeing how the wishing well would look in its chosen spot next to the pond:


At home on its shallow stand which has spaces underneath for frogs and newts to shelter:


Now all I have to do is buy some more compost and a few plants to finish it off.

To finish off here, here is some hand held video of the minibeasts:

All in all a satisfactory day with afternoon Sunshine and the temperature reaching 16C. I ended up wearing jeans and a short sleeved shirt as it was really warm working where I was sheltered from any cooling breeze.


  1. This does look posh.
    I think your beetle is a Ground beetle possibly Nebria brevicollos. There are similar with red legs.

    1. Adrian: I think you are correct. It does look like a ground beetle.

  2. Yuk to those wood lice. However many times I read/hear they are quite harmless, I still would prefer them not to be anywhere in my vicinity.

    1. Weaver: It's a long while since I saw so many together.

  3. In the US, we know those woodlice as roly-poly bugs. And in Belize, termites are called woodlice. I will take your woodlice any day over termites! That wishing well planter looks very nice.

    1. Wilma: Also known here as pill bugs. Yes, I think they are preferable to termites.

  4. I really like your wishing well ~ a most delightful addition to your back garden. Great that it wasn't too big of a job assembling it, and good idea to get a round tuit right away ;) I hope you'll show it again when you have added plants etc. We call those little roly poly things woodbugs, and we'd find the very similar accumulation when lifting up a pot. They don't bother me because they are not fast moving creatures ;)

    1. Glo: I almost wish I have bought a slightly larger version. That must have been one of my fastest ever Round Tuits! I think it will probably end up with Alpine type plants as whatever I use needs to be low growing. For now I have sown some dwarf African Marigolds as they always give a nice splash of colour through the Summer.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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