Thursday, 21 April 2016

Stacking Oliver

It's just a year since I last photographed Oliver's catkins.
What is Oliver? See HERE.

This time I took 21 focus stacked photos to process using Zerine Stacker.
Why focus stacked?  Close, macro, shots have very little depth of focus so each photo has a slightly different part of the plant which is in focus. Zerene Stacker does a fantastic job of picking out and putting together just those in focus parts to make one resulting photo.

Here are the photos from each end of the stack:



And the finished result using all 21 photos:

2016-04-21-13.09.15 ZS PMax copy

I also used Photoshop Elements 10 to darken some of the lighter background patches.


  1. Replies
    1. Simon: Results can sometimes be excellent.

  2. A grand job. I have never got into stacking but I do like the results.

    1. Adrian: Zerene did well to cope as the branch was moving in a gentle breeze.

  3. Fantastic final image, John. Oliver is looking good!

    1. Wilma: He has done much better since I moved him where he could get full Sunlight for longer each day.


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