Saturday, 16 April 2016

Wet and White

The usual result after 30mm, so far, of rain since it started last night:


During the afternoon I had spotted a flash of white on this Collared Dove. At first it seemed to be at the end of one tail feather and I wondered whether it had been perched under a Wood Pigeon:


After a good long look I think it is actually a white feather:



Not sure whether it had had the other tail feathers plucked or maybe it was in the process of moulting.


  1. That is a lot of rain, I feel sorry for the farmers. Just snow and sleet showers here which though not pleasant are bearable.

  2. Adrian: At least it is good weather for the Blackbirds. It has brought the worms to the surface and I have just seen a male with a beak full of tasty snacks.

  3. Never seen that before John, although we did once have an albino blackbird and a leucistic starling.

  4. It's pondering whether Brexit means it will be sent back to Turkey


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