Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A Swallow of Sorts

In a way it's been a moth day. As we were getting ready for our early morning walkies I spotted a beautiful ginger coloured moth. Unfortunately I forgot about it when we returned and by the time I went looking it was nowhere to be seen.

I had more luck with our final walkabout. When we reached the cricket field I could see the gang mower was there, along with his two dogs racing about. A sharp about turn and off in the opposite direction. On one garden hedge something caught my eye:


Fortunately the little Nikon can get within a few inches for a close shot:


A Swallow-tailed moth Ourapteryx sambucaria. As the larvae feed on privet, hawthorn and blackthorn it was in the right place as there seems to be a mixture of all three along that hedge.


  1. Puts my dull moths to shame. It is a cracker.

  2. Odd to see it in the day, although I have been seeing a few kicking around at night

  3. I have a moth phobia John and do not care to see them but I have to say that I have never seen
    this one before and it really is amazing.

  4. it's a beauty. wings like linen.


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