Sunday, 3 July 2016

Church Views

I had been hoping to get some close views of the £1000s being spent on refurbishing the village church - a Grade 1 listed building dating back to early C14. Unfortunately all I could get was a partial view of the most impressive scaffolding I have ever seen:


Try to get closer and one is confronted by ten foot steel shuttering barring access. I do hope the replacement for the stolen lead lasts longer than last time some was replaced. 

I crossed the street to have a look once again at the spire of Louth's St. James Church which is about four miles away as the crow flies. The air was so clear after recent rain it stood out clearly to the naked eye. Can you spot it in this wide angle shot?


It is there, honest, rising above the valley.
Good job I also took a photo at full zoom:



  1. Be good to get closer to the church. Perhaps they would let you if you asked.
    It's an impressive shot of complex scaffolding. I imagine when it was built they would have been using a few wooden poles.

  2. Good job you took that zoom in - I just couldn't spot it. It is a beautiful church though.


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