Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sun Day

In reality this was taken last Tuesday when the temperature here reached 28.4C according to my weather records. Though the sky was mainly blue there was a fair amount of whispy white cloud to be seen. In spite of that the solar filter I use on the camera seemed to cut through enough to show Sunspot 2579 which can be seen near the centre:


Again on Friday there was another opportunity while the sky seemed virtually cloudless:


This time I think Sunspot 2580 is just about visible towards 5 o'clock and 2581 towards 8 o'clock.

Yesterday evening was not one of Penny's favourites when a change in the weather brought heavy rain and thunder storms. Fortunately we were near the edge of the storms which moved through South Lincolnshire, the Wash and North Norfolk.


  1. i have always had at least one dog in my household that is afraid of storms. bless 'em...

    1. TWG: It's funny the way some hate storms and other just ignore them.

  2. Replies
    1. Roy: It's an impressive object and fascinating to be able to photograph it.


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