Sunday, 7 August 2016

What a Whopper

I must go around with my eyes shut on our daily perambulations. Yesterday was the first time I had noticed a Sunflower growing next to the cricket field. It's not as though it is a miniature. Far from it.
It is probably the tallest I have actually seen with my own eyes:


I usually grow a few myself though they never grow to that sort of height.
Last Spring I forgot all about stealing a few seeds from the birds' supply.


  1. And what a beauty it is! Ha ha! I know exactly what you mean John, about walking around with eyes shut; the other day I saw a HUGE unknown fern in my garden. It turned out to be a weed, but nevertheless, how come I didn't notice him when he was half the size? Enjoy your sunflower and remember to take some seeds from the head when it's ripe.

    1. Maree: I have the same problem in the garden. Weeds which are unseen one day seem to be flourishing the next.
      Not my Sunflower. Will try to keep a watch to see which birds help themselves.

  2. It is huge. It would run a bus on Bio Diesel for a week.

    1. Adrian: I read about monster Sunflowers but it's the first time I've seen one. Must ask where they got the seed from.


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