Tuesday, 20 September 2016

On a Different Subject

I usually get round to cooking from scratch twice a week. Fish for one meal; skate, plaice, haddock or sea bass in order of choice. Always covered with plain flour and shallow fried in olive oil.

Fairly recently I found the local Post Office stocked locally sourced sirloin steak. Usually I shallow fry in olive oil for a short while to seal it then steam it in the pressure cooker. This time after the frying I added OXO stock to the frying pan, enough to cover the steak, and covered the pan to leave it simmering for an hour. A first for me was cooking a baked potato in the microwave. Had to research the timing. Finally some mixed frozen vegetables gently boiled for a short while. For once everything came together just right:


A bit of 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' on the potato and OXO stock from the frying pan completed a thoroughly enjoyable, tasty meal. Lovely moist, tender meat. Must stock up on more of those.

Oh yes, Penny did get her share.


  1. It does look very tasty, but I'm not sure my post office across the road sells steaks. Ice poles yes, but they aren't so good with jacket spuds

    1. Simon: We are lucky that the local P.O. stocks a range of locally produced meat and veg. Ice poles don't seem to cook well in the microwave.

  2. Let's see if my second attempt to leave a comment takes; my internet connection suffered a seizure during the first try!
    That does look delicious, John. I do potatoes in the microwave fairly often even though proper jacket potatoes are available here - only thin-skinned ones. But they are pretty good and very easy.

    1. Wilma: That attempt worked OK.
      The other thing for me to do is with apples. Years ago mother would take out the core and fill the hole with mincemeat and then microwave them. Lovely, once the mincemeat had cooled down!


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