Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fuji IS-1 (part 1)

It seems a long while since I took the IR Fuji out for a session.
For infra red b/w it's best when Sunny with some decent cloud formations
Over the next few posts I will put up some of the results taken using an R72 IR filter.
This one was is from the end of my lane:



  1. That is beautiful, John. I can see it printed out in large format suitable for framing. I am drawn down that lane feeling simultaneously sun-warmed and deliciously shivery.

    1. Wilma: Thank you. I always think some subjects look better in b/w. Strong colour can detract from the shape and form of subjects like trees. Ha, ha. You were right about being warm and shivery. Lovely warm Sunshine when out of a rather cold breeze.


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