Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Fuji IS-1 (Part 3)

This time a walk down an old lane which gives views across to the Lincolnshire Wolds:


A wide angle view across the fields towards Louth:


This telephoto view I have taken many times in colour.
Rising above the valley the 295 ft (90m) spire of Louth's St. James' Church can be seen.
It usually gets lost among the distant foliage but with IR the stone shows in good contrast with the tree leaves:


The main problem with the old Fuji IS-1 is the rate it eats batteries. It uses standard AA cells but the indicator was already showing red after just two short outings. No use using rechargeable ones as they have a lower voltage to start with. I have ordered a modified Canon 350D which should be here in about a week as it is coming from Romania.  With the modified cameras the IR filter is fitted inside the camera, replacing the manufacturer's normal filter which stops IR.

Final batch from this infra red series tomorrow.


  1. Outstanding, I especially like the last 2.

  2. Wilma: Thanks. I thin I got these a bit too dark. Still learning how to handle IR photos.


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