Monday, 10 October 2016

The Old Post Office - IR

The building furthest away used to be the village Post Office and general store before it closed about 8 years ago when the number of local P.O.s was reduced before selling off part of the publicly owned postal service. Without the income from the Post Office the shop was no longer viable. A great loss to the village as Denis and Marian, the husband and wife who ran the shop, are two of the most pleasant and helpful people you could wish to meet. Nothing was too much trouble for them. On top of that we also lost a meeting place where up to date local information and gossip was exchanged. How to kill off the heart of a village in one easy step. We are fortunate to have a Londis store, convenient for many items but not really a heart and soul of the village type of establishment.

Photo taken in IR with the modified 350D.
Straight from the camera:


HDR enhanced version:


Converted to grey scale:



  1. I think I like the softer, original version best.
    The village Post Office/General Store is not something that we Americans are familiar in current days, although it was an essential part of the early frontier culture. Now, there is a complete separation of the federal postal service from any private business venture.

    1. Wilma: Over the past decade or so many villages have lost their village stores as they couldn't compete with the big supermarkets for pricing.

  2. I was hoping that I would recognise the village, but no such luck.

    1. Weaver: Of course the building looked very different when it had its shop frontage.


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