Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Season's Moving On

Once the rain had stopped I spent some time dead heading over a hundred tete a tete miniature daffodils as most have now finished flowering. A messy job. The wet remains of the flowers kept sticking to my hand. Still a pleasant job though, being outdoors and serenaded by a Blackbird and a Dunnock.

As I worked round one of the flower beds I spied the next set of flowers to appear:


A Fritillaria Meleagris (a snake's head fritillary) with its white cousin in the background.


  1. Never seen one of those!

    The dunnocks here are very strident during the day, then when dusk falls the blackbirds take to the TV aerials to sing to their territory

  2. Simon. The Blackbirds and especially Song Thrushes can be deafening when they are close by.


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