Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Tuesday Teaser

Last week's teaser picture was:

an Any Deepstyle version of:

Adrian got part way there recognising the fringe but it was part of a lampshade not a posh tablecloth.
Thanks as always to all those who had a go.

This week's teaser is probably a lot easier:

If you would like to have a guess as to what it is please leave it in the comments.
They will be revealed, along with the original photo, next Tuesday


  1. Yes I can see the fringe now - thanks for the solution! This week's guess is a hedgehog? Thanks again for posting Teasers - great fun.

  2. Might be a hedgehog, or a rat wearing a doormat to keep the rain off

  3. Hedgehog?
    Last week's was so interesting - I had a guess but would never have got it.

  4. hedgehog.
    love the lampshade fringe. There are so many faces and figures hidden in it.


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