Wednesday, 28 February 2018


It's definitely still winter.
Today's temperatures, so far:

Screenshot (2018-2-28 2.29.17 pm)

Just put out the third lot of seed for the birds.
Always a toss up who will be waiting nearby, Robin or Blackbird:


Also had to change the pot of water I put out in cold weather. It soon freezes over.

Something I don't see much these days, icicles.
These have been slowly forming during the afternoon:


Though snowfall here has been sporadic, when it has come it is like blizzard conditions.
Yesterday it nearly all melted but not today.


  1. it is a bit chilly. It is dry cold so quite pleasant.

    1. Adrian: When the Sun pokes through it looks lovely but we have a high wind chill factor here, especially where it funnels between buildings or tall hedges.

  2. Really cold here too - not a lot of snow yet and roads seem fairly ok but it looks like snow on the way!!

    1. RR: Out in the countryside we seem to have been hit badly with snow and ice. Lots of blocked roads and some villages cut off.


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