Sunday, 18 February 2018

Of Moggies and Badgers

Last Friday:
Nothing of outstanding interest on the latest batch of 200+ photos taken by the trail camera at the bottom of the garden. Penny, moggies and Wood Pigeons mainly. Madam always knows what has walked where:


Greyhounds may well be known as sight hounds but she spends more time at home, and out and about, following scent trails.

The day after I wrote the above:
6 a.m. Penny needed to go out in the back garden. Once out she spent ages carefully following scent trails all over the place. A quick check of the automatic video recordings showed the badger had visited again just an hour earlier.

That should be the last Badger visit to my garden for some time to come. Much as I really like to have wildlife visiting there was too large a chance of Penny going out while a Badger was there. They can inflict bad wounds with their front claws when threatened so I must put Penny's safety first. To that end I found the only gap in the fence where one could get through and, hopefully, made it secure.


  1. There really is a sense of irony that you can have a badger visit your backyard and then need to prevent it from doing so! I have never been fortunate enough to encounter a badger here in North America and only once ever in Scotland a couple of years ago. Wonderful creature!

    1. David: I thought long and hard before finally making the garden more secure. Penny would most probably attack anything which comes in her garden. She does with cats and squirrels but would be no match for a Badger. I left enough space for any adventurous Hedgehog to get through in the hopes they will start visiting again. I keep hoping for a visit from a fox. They are around the village but have never seen one in the garden yet.

  2. Badgers are very capable. I have an acquaintance with an Alsatian with only one ear. He popped his head down a Badger set. Won't do that again. Both my two have got away with it so far. Thank the lord.

  3. Hopefully, then, Bye Bye Bingo the Badger! He is not a critter for Penny cuddling.


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