Friday, 20 April 2018

Who Will Win Possession?

It's not all over yet as to which will finally nest in the camera nestbox.
The bumblebee continues adjusting the nesting material.
At one stage yesterday there were two of them in there.

Every now and then Mrs GT brings more material.
Early this morning Mr GT arrived with what looks like a bee fly he had caught, presumably as food for Mrs. She arrives and after a short while leaves:

Who will actually raise a brood?
Will the Great Tits remove the bee or will they be scared off?
Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of 'The Drama of the Nest Box'


  1. What an exciting time of year! I just moved into my new house in Hampshire last week. Lots and lots of wildlife here and I have a blackbird nest in the hedge in my front garden too. I just wanted to pop back and say Hi, and I'm back in blog land now! xx Matron

  2. How interesting John. You would think that Mr and Mrs G T would easily win but maybe not - or could they coexist - I expect not.


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