Monday, 19 September 2022

Monday Mystery

After watching and soaking up the atmosphere from the live broadcast of the final journey of the late Queen Elizabeth II I must say I feel somewhat melancholy this evening. I think it brought home that this really is the end of an era for the UK.

I've not found anything suitable for a new mystery photo yet but here is the answer to last week's close view. I showed ....


which was in fact part of a multi sharpener for various items with cutting edges ....



A simple but very effective manual sharpening device. The end section which some thought was like a tiny pair of scissors for cutting wire in fact is designed for sharpening secateur blades. The white strip is for scissor blades and the darker strip for garden shears. At least that is what the instructions indicate. The round knob at the other end unscrews to reveal a small oil reservoir with a sponge built in the knob.

Thank you Adrian and Ellen D for having a go. All being well things will be back to normal next Monday or at least what passes for normal in the Midmarsh household.


  1. You certainly own many unusual contraptions, John! Thanks for explaining that sharpener!

  2. No problem John. We are old and our era is long since gone.


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