Saturday, 13 May 2023

Three is a Crowd ...

... when it comes to Hedgehogs. Checking this morning's video recordings I was surprised to see three Hedgehogs visited the feeding station. First there were two which were wary of each other. The third visitor was very forceful in making sure it would be the next to enter for a free breakfast.

Unfortunately this video camera stopped recording sound some months ago. It looks as though all were safe and healthy in spite of the battle. It is a good job they have a thick coat of spines.

I have been keeping a watch on the camera nest box but the Blue Tits seem to have chosen somewhere else to nest this year.

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  1. Goodness, they really had a battle going there but didn't seem to really want to hurt each other. Just push the other out of the way. I wonder if they are siblings? Little brothers fighting each other to be first!?!


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