Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Bit of Hoggy Colour

I thought I had everything set up correctly for Hoggy Cam to stay in colour so I was somewhat dismayed when it switched to black and white about 9.30 last night. There was still reasonable light outside so I went out and set it up again and this time it stayed in colour. Henry duly arrived a couple of minutes after ten and stayed for a brief while scoffing dried mealworms and then trundled off. I watched and waited until it was nearly 11pm but no other Hedgehog was seen.

Not as clear as a camcorder would be but using this method I can stay in the warmth these cool evening and I don't have to cope with my aversion to moths.
This is the only bit I managed to capture last night. The colour changes briefly a couple of times - that was me fiddling with the software settings. The only problem with colour pictures is everyone can see the paved area needs weeding!


  1. Hi John, Oh I would say it is a great success but smiled when I read the mention of weeds! The colour isn't quite as forgiving as black and white is it? I have that problem too.

    Looking forward to seeing more footage. I am very fortunate that I can film with a camcorder through my window but do like to stand outside if I can - bats would be my thing when they are out feeding on the moths ;-) Happy filming :-D

  2. Looks like a success to me John.
    Must be great to be able to film the nightime visitors like this.

  3. Hi Shirl. Thank you for the kind comment.

    I weeded that area a couple of weeks ago but it is perfect growing weather for them at the moment. I don't really want to seal the gaps between the slabs as it drains nicely as it is.

    If I moved my wheelie bins to a less convenient spot I could probably film from the conservatory windows. Must try that one night.

    Moths are such haphazard fliers. I seem to remember reading a long time ago that they tend to spiral towards light sources. My aversion dates back to an experience when I was about six years old and hasn't improved with age.

  4. Thanks Keith for the kind comment. I'm always thinking of ways to improve things. I love tinkering with things like that.

    It is great to be able to watch some night life even if it is only briefly each night and filming them is a real bonus.

  5. It looked good to me John, I can see you are going to have some fun observing the comings and goings of the hogs and tinkering with the equipment.


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