Monday, 8 June 2009

Wet, Wet, Wet!! + Summer Garden Wildlife Survey

I know the garden desperately needed some rain but why does it all have to come at once? It didn't start raining until we just got going on the afternoon walk. To begin with it was fairly steady but soon after we returned the heavens opened for a real deluge accompanied with thunder which rumbled round for ages. At least the thunder moved on but the rain kept up for hours.

I felt really sorry for all the wildlife which has to carry on the daily task of finding food to keep going for another day no matter what.

The look on this poor Greenfinch seemed to sum up the situation:

Please turn the rain off.
Please Turn the Rain Off

Every time I looked out of the kitchen window there were soaking wet birds.

A Wood Pigeon looked really miserable but seemed to make no attempt to find shelter.
Wood Pigeon in the Rain

On a lighter note - I have an outdoor clock mounted on an imitation wagon wheel. A few days ago a Wood Pigeon was perched on top of it and I couldn't help thinking ... some people have a Cuckoo Clock .... I've got a Pigeon Clock.

Wood Pigeon Clock

Time to go and chop up some more peanuts as that feeder is getting a bit low.
Enjoy your wildlife watching.

RSPB Summer Garden Wildlife Survey

I only found out this morning about the RSPB Summer Garden Wildlife Survey while watching the TV at breakfast time. Like the Spring survey they are asking for an hour of our time to note what wildlife appears in the garden during any period of one hour during this week. (8 - 14th June) Details can be found on the RSPB site. You can click on the above link to go straight there.


  1. Lovely Woodpigeon-in-the-rain picture. Birds are funny in the rain - it never seems to stop them feeding in my garden and they do get drenched. I can only suppose that the benefit of the food outweighs the discomfort.

  2. Love the pigeon clock! Poor little wet birds! Do you have a rain gauge and do you know how much rain would fall on one of your rainy days?

  3. Thank you for visiting Emma. The poor things have to keep eating no matter what the weather don't they.

  4. Hi Mick: The pigeon on the clock made me laugh.
    My rain gauge stopped working some while ago unfortunately. The large tray under the feeders, to catch the seed spillage, had an inch of water in it this morning. Lincolnshire is a fairly dry part of the country. Most of the rain comes from the Atlantic. By the time it has crossed the Welsh mountains, the Pennine range down the centre of England and finally the Lincolnshire Wolds there isn't normally a lot left for us near the coast. Times have changed though as weather patterns alter.

  5. Hi, Love your blog, you get some amazing shots. Can't help but feel sorry for the little Greenfinch, what a face!

  6. Hi Omni. Thanks for visiting and your kind comment. That poor old Greenfinch really did look sorry for itself and I don't blame it.

    Love your Oopsology blog - we need a good laugh these days.

  7. Oh my, they did look wet! Poor things, unlike us they can't just rely on the store cupboard if the weather's bad and we can't be bothered to go out. Talking of which it has been fine but cold here today, so cold my hands turned blue when I was outside! This evening though, the minute I stepped outside to fill the seed feeders ready for the morning, the heavens opened and it is still pouring now (9.25pm). I have visions of buckets, torches and snails again before bed :(

    The Woodpigeon looks like it is huddled into an overcoat! I loved the Pigeon clock, a great capture.

  8. Thanks Jan. Much better weather, though a bit on the chilly side, here today. Lots of cloud to the North and South of me at the moment.
    Just make sure the bird seed is waterproof tonight. Don't forget to paint numbers on the snail shells - that way you will know if they find their way back :)

  9. You gotta feel sorry for them John this weather, poor little things.
    Love your Pigeon clock, and the shot of him in the video, just sitting there, hunched up, like he's waiting for the sun.
    I hope our summer wasn't the begining of last week :(

  10. Hi Keith. When I was talking to the postman a while ago he mentioned that the media were saying how hot the Summer would be. Then he said, "... but they didn't say which day Summer would be." Like you I hope it wasn't last week. :)

  11. Yes, John, you do have to feel for the wet birds don't you. Love the pigeon clock too. Just wanted to say thanks for the thumbs up on the wildlfe week. I hadn't heard about that :-D

  12. Hi Shirl. The RSPB don't seen to have got the publicity engine working very well for the Summer Garden Wildlife Survey. I only caught the mention by accident.


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