Monday, 29 June 2009

Juvenile Magpies Visit the Garden

This morning I thought there were about four Magpies in the garden but they scattered as soon as they noticed me. At that time I thought there was one juvenile in the group.

This evening they were back again and I could see it was one parent and three juveniles. The youngsters were bouncing around all over the place as though they were riding invisible space hoppers. Every now and they they would squawk to beg for food in spite of the fact that they seemed quite capable of feeding themselves.

Juvenile Magpie.


One youngster did manage to plead hunger and was fed by the adult.

Adult Magpie Feeding a Juvenile


  1. I do like your mixture of pictures and movies. The blackbird with the slug was particularly interesting - I almost felt sorry for the slug. These magpies at interesting too - I don't see any around the house althought there are a few on the roadside hedgerows. These young magpies are quite attractive.

  2. Thank you Emma. I was lucky that the Magpies hung around long enough for me to use both cameras. They are normally very nervous but the light must have been in the wrong / right place for them not to see me clearly. Either that or hunger got the better of them.

    I must admit - these days I like to take video if I can. It saves dozens of words trying to describe what they are doing :)

  3. Oh beatuful birds John!! never seen a Magpie before. Loved the little video..children never change they always want what you have. I have two human kind at home. When I'm eating they walk over saying "Hey Mom whatcha got?" "Looks good can I have a bite?" I always sigh and give in letting them have a bite when they can easily get their own the Kitchen. :)

  4. Good captures again John. Gonna have to get me a vid cam I think lol
    I get some youngsters raid my garden most days, strutting around and making a heck of a racket to be fed.
    They certainly look capable of feeding themselves, like you say. Great to watch though.

  5. Thank you Crista. Yes they do look beautiful with the black and white contrast and the added blue in between.

    Same with Bobby - plenty of his own food but always wants to share mine.

  6. Thanks Keith. I think there is a place for both still and video. They compliment each other. One for record photos which can be studied at leisure and the video to show behaviour.
    I was surprised how loudly the youngsters could demand food though the camera microphone didn't pick it up but it was indoors.

  7. Sorry I haven't been commenting recently because I have been so busy at work and at home, but I have been following your blog postings. I loved hearing the Song Thrush ~ what a delightful video, and a perfect shot of it sitting in full view. I think I'd like to listen to that lovely bird quite often! Well done!!! Now about the bird and slug...fascinating, I must say (and I'm sure it's wiping off the slime...blech..and perhaps tenderizing it somewhat). I watched the video a little too close to bedtime and wondered if I'd have a dream about escargots! I found an interesting site about slugs... and found out that hedgehogs find them very tasty! There is even a suggestion of putting out citrus peelings to attract slugs and then turning the peelings over. I think Henry and Honey might appreciate an effort such as this on their behalf ;)


  8. Brilliant blog as usual, Have always liked Magpies, though for reasons unclear they were regarded as a pest and shot. Probably pinching pheasant eggs.

  9. Hi Glo. That's no problem. There is a busy life outside of blogging. I have problems keeping up with others at times.

    I was really pleased to video the Song Thrush. As we went walk about this morning I heard three singing in different parts of the village.

    Yes slugs do make up part of a Hedgehog's diet though they mainly eat beetles. I will have to try the citrus peel idea and see what happens.

  10. Thank you Adrian. I must admit I didn't like the idea of having Magpies around when they started to appear last year as they can raid the nests of small birds but these seem to be OK. Maybe there is enough 'free' food about to keep them happy!

  11. Beautiful coloring on the Magpies. They are slightly different birds out here but the juveniles are just as demanding and noisy too!

  12. Lovely photos and video John, I'm not sure I have seen juvenile Magpies. They are very entertaining.

    I shall have to look at my video camera, it is only about three years old old but is dv so I need to investigate how/if I can transfer to the computer, I have a feeling it may not be possible.

  13. They are handsome birds, Mick. The juveniles make much more noise than the adults who only seem to make an ugly croaking squawk.

  14. Thank you Jan, It was really only seeing the slight size difference and a small difference in the black / white distribution which made me realise there were juveniles. That was rapidly followed by the begging for food!

    Hopefully your camcorder came with a DVD with a program to get the video to the PC. If it has a USB lead then you should be OK. If it only has an output to plug into a TV then you need a gadget like the one I use to couple HoggyCam to the PC.

    Something like the EZCap you can see in

    It comes with a program to transfer your videos or you can use a free program called Debut Video Capture.


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