Monday, 22 June 2009

Pesky Little Red Beetle

As I was about to lock up the shed before our afternoon walk I spotted something brilliant red climbing up the edge of the shed door. Luckily it stayed long enough to grab the camera and take its portrait. This pretty beetle is about 10mm in length.


It appears to be an example of lilioceris lilii (the Red Lily Beetle) which is very destructive to many bulbous lily plants as both the adults and larvae feed on the leaves, flowers and stems of the plant. At one time they were confined to the south of England but with the rise in average temperatures they have spread northwards. Certainly it was not very far away from one of my containers which is planted with lilies.

If your lilies are being attacked by these pretty little beetles then it may be worth looking at Down Garden Services web site where more detailed information about them can be found.


I gave my lily plants the once over and have not detected any eggs or larvae so far so the pest may have only arrived recently in my garden.


  1. In spite of its beauty John, that's one visitor you could do without. ;)
    Nice Lily. I can't keep them here though, the pollen is very toxic to cats. :(

  2. Hi Keith. It is a shame that such a little beauty can be such a pest in the garden.
    I didn't know that about lily pollen. It doesn't seem to affect the cats which keep coming in my garden trying to catch the birds though.

  3. Oh I've plucked off many a Red Lily Beetle but this year, for the first time, I've not seen any. And from saying that I'm now going off to check again!

    Hope they avoid you John :D

  4. A striking little creature John, but I'm not sure I want one here ;) Not that I have many Lilies, I hadn't realised about cats and the pollen, which Keith mentioned, maybe a garden full of lilies is the answer to the dratted cat which took my lovely Song Thrush and numerous other birds over the last few years!!!

  5. Hi Tricia. It seems they have spread everywhere now. Pity such a beauty is a pest.

  6. Hi Jan. The colour certainly was striking but as you say, best not to have them in the garden.
    I have three tubs of lilies near the bird feeders but they don't seem to stop the local bird killers.


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