Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hope Goes Walkabout and Other Sightings

One day last week Hope, the young Hedgehog, was spotted in the garden. It was just light enough to take some video. This is the final piece where she goes trundling off having eaten a hearty meal.

It has rained at least part of most days recently but that doesn't put some birds off when it comes to meal times. This clip starts with a male Chaffinch in dry weather and is followed by a pair of Goldfinches in the pouring rain. In fact in this section you can hear the rain on the conservatory roof. The video is at normal speed - the Chaffinch does eat at that speed!

This morning I was a bit later than normal topping up the feeders and the local House Sparrows gathered patiently waiting for some fresh seeds.

Sparrows Queueing for Breakfast

While I was topping up the feeders I noticed a lot of Hoverflies hanging around. Glancing down I could see they were attracted to a couple of my lilies which were in full bloom.

Hoverflies on a Lily

I couldn't resist taking the camcorder out to film them. The close up is a bit wobbly as there was a breeze blowing the flowers about.

In fact this morning when we went walkabout there was one stage where I had to walk through what was almost a cloud of Hoverflies flitting about near one particular hedge. Their numbers have increased dramatically recently, here anyway.


  1. Hope looked comical trotting off after the meal, it always surprises me just how long their legs are and how quickly they move.
    It was nice to see the sun shining on the Chaffinch before the deluge ;) The weather here yesterday was dreadful, with driving rain most of the day, it is better today but nothing like Summer should be!

  2. Hi Jan. They do look comical with that rolling gait. I read that their legs are 3 to 4 inches long and that they can run as fast as we can walk which is good going for such little legs.

    So far today it has been reasonable though cloudy at times. Hope you are getting the same or better.

  3. Amazing number of hoverflies on that lily John. Must be a good one ;)

  4. I always like your videos of the little birds at the feeders - but I hope that heavy rain didn't last too long. The lily with the hoverflies was very interesting. I hadn't thought of videoing something like that so shall keep it in mind for when I find a flower covered with insects like that.

  5. Hi Keith. There was certainly something about that lily which was a great attraction. When I looked closely the flies were feeding on the petals and they were at it all day.

  6. Thank you Mick. The really heavy rain has mostly been at night recently in this part of the country. Fortunately really heavy showers have been short and sharp.
    I tend to take the everyday creatures for granted but suddenly thought 'that looks interesting'. If there had only been a couple of Hoverflies I probably wouldn't have bothered but there were dozens coming and going all day. I wonder if this is going to be one of the years when they suddely breed in their tens of thousand. It's a good job they are harmless, to us anyway.

  7. Wow great post today John!! I just love seeing clips of Hope she is sooo cute. The Hover flies are kinda interesting in a gross way :)

  8. Thank you Crista. Pleased you enjoyed the bits of video. I find Hoverflies fascinating, if a nuisance. They are nosey and are always hanging around seemingly trying to join in whatever I am doing. Their numbers can increase rapidly depending on the food availability.


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