Monday, 10 August 2009

3 Thanks and 7 Spots

First: thrice a public Thank You even if two are very belated. The other day Professor A B Yaffle of The Nature of Woodpeckers nominated me as one of his favourite blogs. That reminded me of two others which had fallen out of my memory after my broadband connection let me down for several days. They were Keith of Holdingmoments and Crista of Nature As Is. To all of you a thank you for visiting and finding some enjoyment in my local day to day happenings.

Of course there is a thank you to all who visit and to those who leave comments. It is this interaction which spurs me on. It took me months to take the plunge and start this blog and at that time I wondered how I would ever find enough material to keep going. Easy in the end - just ramble on about the visitors to a very ordinary back garden! It is the birds, mammals and insects with their entertaining antics who are the stars of the show.

Back to Nature:

All day there has been a 7 Spot Ladybird on the outside of my kitchen window. Over several hours it has only moved about six inches. While I was waiting for the microwave to ping I took some shots from both sides. So here it is - the ins and outs of a ladybird.

7 Spot Ladybird


  1. It seems sad, but I think that it is a rare sight these days to see a native British 7-spot ladybird. Nearly all the ladybirds I see nowadays are the foreign Harlequin ladybirds. I fear they will push our native species out just like the American grey squirrel did to our native red.

  2. Congrats on the awards John, I too was honoured with three recently. I'm very glad you did start your site it is always a pleasure to visit.

    Now then! Don't you realise how very rude it is to look up a lady's skirt! And I thought you were a gentleman ;) Great and unusual photos though!

  3. If only my days were so simple as that ladybird's! You've captured great clarity on his legs there.

  4. Thank goodness not the alien Harlequin
    It's not that I am against them in their original environment just here where they threaten our home grown species

  5. John, You may have initiated a new wildlife challenge here - things seen while waiting for the microwave to Ping!

  6. Fortunately, Matron, I have only seen seven spots about here.

  7. Hi Jan. Thank you, he says blushing.

    I though that as Ms. seven spot had been showing me her smalls all day she wouldn't mind if others had a quick look :)

  8. Thank you Silver pebble. I won't tell you how many shots I took to get those two reasonable ones.

  9. I agree Prof. A B Y. There is a correct place for everything. I often wish we had sea and airport checks as rigorous as those in New Zealand to keep such invaders out.

    So far I have only seen seven spot Ladybirds. Quite a few over the past few days so they are surviving well in this corner of Lincolnshire at the moment.

  10. Hi Rob. I have to do something during those boring ten minutes. :)

  11. About backyards - they are all so different - especially on the other side of the world - but the similarities occur because they are spaces we construct to give us interaction with our local flora and fauna. I enjoy reading about yours!

  12. A ladybird with seven spots
    alit upon a window pane.
    In warning coat of red with dots,
    it did its best to entertain.

    By staying put, it caught the eye
    of someone heating up a pot.
    John hoped it wouldn’t up and fly
    before he focused in, and shot.

    The ladybird obliged him well
    enduring photos, in and out.
    Perhaps just resting for a spell
    is what a ladybird’s about.

    So busy eating garden pests -
    5,000 aphids in a year!-
    A high-ish number to digest,
    although they seem to reappear!

    A ladybird needs some defense
    to propagate 2000 eggs!
    This beetle’s predator would sense
    A foul-ish smell on oily legs ~

    But luckily, John was no threat.
    He watches nature do her thing,
    and waits for lunch. The timer’s set…
    At last … the microwave goes ‘PING’.


  13. Always a joy to visit here John. Amazing some times just how much there is on our own doorsteps, when we take the time to look.

  14. Thank you for your kind comment Mick. I also enjoy reading about what can be seen in other countries on blogs like yours.

  15. Oh Glo! You have done it again, another lovely poem. Thank you so much. That really brightened up my morning. I hope you like the graphics I added.

  16. Thank you for your kind comment Keith. I find so much to observe I am not getting out as much as I used to. Mind you the weather hasn't been conducive much of the time this so called Summer.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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