Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Ladybird Poem

Once the morning walkabout is over I check through to see if there have been any comments left overnight. What a delight to find amongst them this lovely poem left by Glo of Porcelain Rose. I had a quick look round for some free graphics to illustrate it and reproduce the poem here for all to enjoy.

ladybird cartoon

A ladybird with seven spots
alit upon a window pane.
In warning coat of red with dots,
it did its best to entertain.

By staying put, it caught the eye
of someone heating up a pot.
John hoped it wouldn’t up and fly
before he focused in, and shot.

The ladybird obliged him well
enduring photos, in and out.
Perhaps just resting for a spell
is what a ladybird’s about.

ladybird cartoon

So busy eating garden pests -
5,000 aphids in a year!-
A high-ish number to digest,
although they seem to reappear!

A ladybird needs some defense
to propagate 2000 eggs!
This beetle’s predator would sense
A foul-ish smell on oily legs ~

But luckily, John was no threat.
He watches nature do her thing,
and waits for lunch. The timer’s set…
At last … the microwave goes ‘PING’.

ladybird cartoon

A big Thank You Glo. That really did start my day with a smile.

These and more ladybird graphics can be found here.


  1. Good Morning John, what a great start to the day for you… absolutely brilliant! I remember a fellow blogger doing a set of cartoon illustrations for my dessert island plant posting that I invited others to join in with. I was very touched. Now all that would top this today would be ‘Hope’ returning to your garden fit and well :-D

    I appreciate you taking time to leave and answer all your comments which you do a lot more efficiently than I can :-) To save you buzzing back and forth I’ve added comments for your last two postings here perhaps this isn’t a good idea. Let me know :-D

    3 Thanks and 7 Spots – There is a wealth of very kind and generous blogger’s out there and it is wonderful to get praise from them… yours was well deserved! It is a delight to pop by and see what’s going on in your garden and there are always great stories and images… congrats to you for keeping on going! Never noticed a 7 spot before… thanks for sharing yours on window safari :-D

    Another Lazy Day – what wonderful shots from your relaxing time in the garden. I always enjoy seeing your damsels and the wood pigeon was comical in your hedge. Bees feeding I always love to see (great pics once again). However my fav pic this time just has to be the butterfly on the clock… fit for a calendar that one :-D

  2. How lovely to receive this poem.

  3. Wow fantastic!!! John as I sit here this morning sipping my lovely hot coffee...this was a great way to start my day. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Good morning (well, it's morning here!) ~ I'm happy to know you enjoyed my poem and the graphics you added made me smile :) Thanks for sharing it with your readers, helping to spread the smiles around. Much appreciated :)

  5. Hi Shirl. I have at last got Round Tuit and ordered a hedgehog home. The idea will be to have a small IR camera inside so I can see if it gets used. Also I will probably release Hope inside it so she knows of a shelter she can use.

    Answering in one place does help as I tend to forget which section people have commented in and have to go through several to check.

    Ha ha - I couldn't resist the butterfly on the clock.
    So far this year I have only seen 7 spot ladybirds ane ther are quite a few about at the moment.

    Thanks for your kind comments and for being a regular visitor.

  6. It was a very pleasant surprise Emma.

  7. Hi Crista. Glo is the one to thank :) It did go down well with a cup of coffee.

  8. Indeed Keith. It was very kind of Glo to take the time to write the poem.

  9. Hi Glo. Your poems always deserve a wider audience. Thank you once again for brightening up my morning.

  10. Hi Ron - nearly missed you in there. Thanks for visiting and your kind comment.

  11. What a fantastic poem John and the illustrations you found to accompany it are perfect, they matched the mood of the poem beautifully, well done to Glo and to you!

  12. Thank you Jan from both of us. It must have taken some time to compose the poem.


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