Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday at the Flicks

Victor Meldrew mode - "I don't believe it!" This is my second attempt at this post. All done once with the copies of the video clips being uploaded to Flickr. When I posted it and checked things Flickr had made a complete mess of all the clips with missing frames and jerky movement. Hopefully that will make this week's three disasters over and done with. Copies are now on YouTube - fingers crossed.

No new subjects but new clips so on with the show......

Most days I hear a Magpie chuntering away in a tree. I often wonder whether this is the nearest they get to a song or whether it is their equivalent of Victor Meldrew, always complaining about something. (This is the only clip with sound today)

Here a Sparrow is pretending to be disguised as a Goldfinch so it can find a feeding space.

If a Goldfinch can't find space at the feeders the only thing left is to glean any seed dropped by the more fortunate ones.

Finally another opportunity arose to film the Dunnock as it searched the wooden beams which support the feeders then moved to the top of the bird table and ended up sliding off when it lost its grip on the plastic roof.

 Have a good weekend everyone and don't get blown over by the windy weather forecast for Saturday.


  1. Oh dear John, not a good IT week then :-(

    Hope this is the last of your problems with the videos. Its an awful shame you can't have sound in your clips :-(

    Did YouTube say that birdsong was a problem? Great vids BTW... once again fav was the Dunnock :-D

    Wishing you a great weekend too... hold on to your hat when out walking with Bobby :-o

  2. Hi Shirl. The reason for the lack of sound on many clips is caused by filming from the kitchen and the microphone doesn't pick up the faint bird noise. I must remember to open the small window and let some sound in. For once I can't blame YouTube :)

    The Magpie was filmed though the open back door so its chuntering was picked up OK.

    Aha - that brings to mind an idea for a new project. As my camcorder doesn't have a socket for an external microphone I have thought of another way of getting better bird sound into the kitchen.

  3. Re your reply to Shirl, I just love it when you come up with a new scheme! Hee hee, I can almost hear the wheels turning ;)

    It hasn't been your week John, hopefully next week will be better for you!

    Lovely videos as always, the Magpie does have a very distinctive sound and one which I heard on a daily basis last year but hardly at all this year.

    I loved the Dunnock popping up from behind the wooden beam, it looked so funny, as if it was playing peek-a-boo with you.

    I hope you and Bobby have a lovely relaxing weekend John :)

  4. Hi again Jan. Initial trials of the latest project conducted successfully, for a change. Amazing what can be done with an old baby monitor. :) and yes the remaining grey cell was creaking a bit.

    The Dunnock often does that as do some sparrows. They always look as though they are up to no good and checking no one is watching.

  5. Ah John... I misunderstood from previous postings. I thought you deliberately cut the real birdsong due to some rule from YouTube.

    I cut sound when filming indoors too and that is when I have fun adding the music. Mm... now you have me curious about your new idea :-D

  6. I especially like the magpie and its chattering. Isn't it interesting how the birds come and go. When I first came here there were a number of them around but then they all moved out. I think they didn't like the pine trees coming down. Pine trees are an introduced species here, and if you let them they come up everywhere - including taking over the areas of native bush.

  7. Good selection of vids John, and good that all seems well again.
    Nice idea with the baby monitor.....look forward to the results :)


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