Sunday, 4 October 2009

Honey Continues to Visit

Honey the Hedgehog continues her nightly visits. Last night she only showed a couple of times before midnight. One thing I have noticed the past few nights - where she used to make a bee line for the food first, now she heads straight for the water bowl. As her first visit is later than it used to be maybe she is finding food in more than one garden.

Any sudden jumps in the video are caused by the recorder as it is set to start recording when it detects movement. If Honey stays in one place for a while it will stop recording until she moves again.

When I made my last order of bird seed from CJ Wildlife I spotted this so I couldn't resist treating myself to a new coffee mug.

Hedgehog Mug

Couldn't resist this either:

"I don't care how acrobatic you are I keep telling you they won't taste any different upside down."
Feeding Upside Down


  1. Honey certainly looks like she is fattening herself up for hibernation John, I do love the way she guzzles the water.

    Lovely mug, you just had to have that one, very appropriate!

    Great caption for the comical photo too.

  2. Hi Jan. I am sure Honey is piling on the ounces. She used to look quite slim in the Summer.

    I am now looking out for a mug with gold or green finch pictures :)

    Glad you liked the caption.

    I hope your Sunday is as sunny as it is here. Much improved from the gales of yesterday though not very warm out there.

  3. Great caption for the picture John :)
    And a very appropriate mug indeed.

  4. Entertaining and interesting as ever. Going back to your hibernation box, is it practical to lay a trail of food into it?

  5. John, the goldfinch shot with caption is great. So - does the coffee taste better out of a hedghog mug? Or maybe you should try it upside-down! ;-) It is nice to Honey getting ready for winter.

  6. Good to see that Honey is keeping hydrated ~ she certainly slurps the water up! I think they have 'decent-sized' tongues!

    I love the hedgehog has a nice shape to it. The picture of the hedgehogs with extra detail of footprints is sweet :)

    It is interesting to learn that a few birds can eat and swallow upside down. I know the nuthatches are known for such behaviour.

    Fun to make captions ~ that's a great one! Here's another:

    Q: "Why do you insist on eating seeds upside down?"
    A: "...because I can!"

  7. Thanks Keith. I enjoy trying to think up a caption to some of the photos.

  8. Thank you Adrian. I have tried the bribery tactics several times, leaving a trail and putting mealworms in the entrance to the house but so far it has all been ignored.

  9. Yhank you Wilma. Oh yes, the coffee definitely tastes better but I'll give drinking it upside down a miss :)

  10. Hi Glo. There has been so little rain here recently that apart from garden ponds it must be difficult for creatures to find somewhere to drink. Honey always likes a good slurp.
    There is another picture on the mug. I should have photographed both sides.
    Some photos seem to ask for a suitable caption. Yours is a nice one also.

  11. I wouldn't worry too much about Honey arriving a little later than usual. We see the same with NightShift, where some days she doesn't even stretch a leg until an hour or two after her normal getting-up time. We think it could be related to what the weather is like. Because Honey is making repeat visits every night, she's got your garden marked on her sat-nav. We hope that in time, she could come to stay full-time with you ... in between meals, she must be snoozing somewhere very close-by.

  12. I like the mug - I have the same design on one of my hedgehog feeding bowls.


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