Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Quiet Couple of Days

Very little to report really. Not a lot going on here. Plenty of Sparrows and Starlings attacking the fat balls and peanut feeder. No sign of the Heron, nothing captured on the wildlife camera. Occasionally a lone Goldfinch arrives to check whether their feeders have been returned to their rightful place. It is a few day now since I saw any ill looking birds so I hope get the seed feeders back up in the not too distant future.

Trying different settings on the Canon I at last found out which to use so that birds photographed against a bright sky don't end up as silhouettes.

House Sparrow

There are still fleeting visits from the tit families which dash in, grab a bite and dash to the safety of the nearby bushes.

  Great Tit
Great Tit

From time to time I manage to get a glimpse of a Wren as it searches round all the junk lying about some parts of the garden.


The only night visitor has been the occasional cat. I notice they pass very quickly through the part of the garden covered by the Cat Gard so it is doing a reasonable job of keeping them away from the bird feeding area.


  1. Good Morning John, funnily enough apart from the house sparrows fighting at the fat ball feeders it is pretty quiet with us too.

    I’m not seeing any cats hanging around but the birds aren’t staying on the ground for any length of time and the food there is being wasted. Don’t know what’s up.

    Now that our guinea pigs are back inside I could put out my CatWatch device but many plants are still in the way for it to work effectively over a larger area. I usually use mine more in the winter months and in the Spring. I'll give it go though.

    Great shot of the chaffinch… I should take time to experiment more with the settings on my camera too.

    We’ve been seeing the same behaviour from the tit families. Oh… I envy your wren visits (lovely pic) I’ve been looking out for them myself. No visitors spotted at the moment :-(

    Have a good day… the weather could go either way here. Hope its okay with you :-D

  2. Good afternoon Shirl. The chaffinch is a Sparrow ;) I had a quick look at your latest post and spotted your peanut feeder so I am trying them in one of my seed feeders which may slow down the greedy Starlings. Will be back for a longer browse later.

    Weather today is brilliant. I got too hot in the sunshine when I was weeding.

    I don't think my latest post about a possible Aurora tonight (Wednesday) has circulated yet. No guarantees but at your latitude you are more likely to see one than I am if it should occur.

    If it does I will expect to see some piccies ;)

  3. My garden is still very quiet, the fat treats I hung in the tree a few days ago don't seem to have been touched at all. The seed feeders only have to be filled every two to three days instead of every day, not sure if it is the Sparrowhawk, cats, an abundance of hedgerow fruit elsewhere, magnetic fields ;), a combination of all those or maybe I have killed them all off with the dreaded disease!!!

    Lovely photos again John, I think Wrens are really difficult to get, they skulk around so much, they are difficult enough to spot let alone photograph.

  4. Hi Jan. My garden goes in bursts at the moment with long periods with hardly a bird in sight. Still quite a few at breakfast time but the midday visits have virtually died out.

    I suppose it could be the abundance of hedgerow fruit. We were both startled this morning. As we passed what looked like a Holly tree which was full of berries five collared doves flew out of it. They had obviously been having an early breakfast in the rain.

    Thank you Jan. It does seem a rare occurrence to spot a Wren long enough to get one photo, never mind a series.


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