Saturday, 24 October 2009

Something Beginning with H

I spy with my little eye - something beginning with H

Heron head

Yes - yesterday there was a visitor to the garden. Where was it? In the pond of course. It was impossible to get a clear shot from the kitchen window but at least it was a shot.

Heron Stood in my Pond

The local Grey Heron is now making almost daily visits to the pond. Today we had just got back from the morning walkies when I spotted it arrive about 7.30 a.m.. It was hardly light but I grabbed the camera and dialled the ISO as high as it would go, crept cautiously as near the kitchen window as I dared and tried for a few shots.


Thank goodness for the image stabilised lens as 1/15 sec was the fastest I could get and it was impossible to stop my hand shaking with the excitement of getting a clear view for once.


  1. Hi there John, so glad I popped by this morning! What a fantastic capture of the Heron :-D

    I can completely relate to the hand shaking with excitement at trying to get the shot too. You are certainly a faster thinker than I am with your camera changing the settings in time. Sometimes I have been left with just the moment. I’d settle for this moment though :-D

    Wishing you a great weekend! Heading back now to see what else has been going on in your garden this last 10 days :-D

  2. Good morning Shirl. I was lucky to get a clean shot of the Heron. The indoor lights were off so it didn't spot me immediately. It knows the kitchen is the place for movement and always keeps an eye in that direction.

    Hope you manage to get some dry weather. It looks like being another washed out day.

  3. You are obviously an early bird (some of us are night owls) just as well you are otherwise you would not have got your pictures. She must be hoping for some fish in your pond, it would be rather expensive to feed her!

  4. I used to be a night owl, Lynmiranda, up to my 40s. I would think nothing of staying up until 2 a.m.. I think it was when I started dog walking before going to work I changed over and even after retiring I stayed with being an early bird.

    The fish breed far too readily in the pond so I don't object to a few being culled.

  5. Just brilliant John!! As you may know I am very fond of Herons so this has been a treat. My hands would have been shaking too! I have just looked at the video you directed me to on a previous post and that must have been exactly how I would have seen the one in our garden on the morning my husband saw it, he said it was swaying around on the top of the tree.

    Like Lynmiranda I am very much a night owl and always have been, my parents were too so maybe it is genetic! I wish I could be a lark but I don't think I ever will.

  6. Hi Jan. Glad you like the post. Next ambition will be to get some video of it - when I work out how to without scaring it away.

    I like to listen to many of the comedy programs on BBC R7 when I go to bed, one reason I go early these days.

  7. Hi John, are there any fish in the pond (or should I say were there any fish in the pond)??

  8. That heron is certainly a wonderful visitor to your garden - but if it is starting on the fish in the pond I hope you have lots there! They have quite an appetite - or at least the ones out here do!

  9. Hi John ~ When you mentioned something beginning with H, I immediately thought of Honey the Hedgehog, forgetting about the Heron you've been keeping an eye out for! It's obvious that Harry had his eye on you, too! Great photo, and so pleased you were able to take such clear shots. I love the way the owl in the background seems to be keeping watch, also!

  10. Hi Roy. Yes there are fish in the pond but there are several shelters for them. Last year it just took the largest.

  11. Hi Mick. It is a magnificent sight. Yes plenty - too many - fish as they breed so readily. I was surprised how many survived after last years Heron expeditions.

  12. Hi Glo. I haven't seen Henry for many weeks and Honey has been AWOL for at least three.
    I like the name Harry the Heron ;)
    Harry doesn't seem to notice that the pond is guarded by Ollie the owl and Cyril the crocodile ;)
    As the clocks went back to GMT last night Harry visited before I got up this morning but I could see the tell tale water splashes on the edge of the pond where he walks in.

  13. Sure hope you have lots of fish, I have a feeling that heron will stick around! PS, do you think Honey is big enough to hibernate?

  14. Hello Matron. Plenty of fish - too many. Lots of hiding places as well.
    I think Honey is big enough. Not as large as Henry but a lot bigger than little Hope who passed away at Hedgehog Care.

  15. Pleased to hear you like the name Harry (could be short for Harriet, if need be :)) Our clocks don't go back until the beginning of November nowadays, so it's still dark in the mornings. Hope you have more good luck with camera shots of Harry.

  16. Hi Glo. I wonder how one tells the sex of a Heron.
    I hate the dark mornings but I think I hate I even more when it gets dark before tea time. I keep meaning to buy a SAD lamp as I soon start to miss the Sun.


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