Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Where do Birds keep their Camera Detector?

Wouldn't you just Adam and Eve it! Three days with the wildlife camera by the pond - nothing. This morning I didn't fix it up as I was contemplating moving the post which holds it in place to avoid the Sun glinting on the water. Just glanced across to the pond through the kitchen window (11.15 a.m.) and there was Mr(s) Grey Heron stood in the middle of the water. It spotted me almost immediately but I did manage a few shots as it beat a hasty retreat. They are somewhat grainy as the Canon was set to 1000 ISO and there was no time to adjust it.

Grey Heron

I am sure that many birds have their own radar to detect the presence of a camera. There is little doubt it will be back so I must make sure the wildlife camera is ready at all times in future.


  1. Oh WOW John! What a sight to see in your garden and yes it just had to happen that way, these things always do. It would have been great to see it on video but, as you say, I'm sure it will be back. I think the photos are great though.

    Apparently we had one perched on top of our Cupressus!! early one morning a couple of years ago, I didn't see it but my husband did, I would so much have liked to.

    Thank you for your very generous acknowledgement re the Crane Fly :)

  2. Hi Jan. It was a real thrill to see it so close. I always forget how tall they are.One has visited several times in the past but always early morning or just before dusk. This was the first time in broad daylight.
    The wildlife camera can take video but the results are very poor so I leave it set on still shots.

    The only piece of poor hand held video I managed was when it was stood on the top of my Leylandii tree early one morning.


    Unfortunately Flickr squeezed a 16:9 widescreen video in a 4:3 format. I must reload it to YouTube one day.

    My pleasure to acknowledge your research Jan. Always grateful for the help.

  3. Hello John. Sigh wouldn't you know it!!! Just when you give up they show up and catch you with your pants down!!! But you recovered well and your shots are great :)

  4. Fantastic birds and well caught John.
    Almost three different birds elegant standing, slightly ungainly on take off and vulture like when perched.

  5. Hi John, to tempt the Heron back to your pond again, you need some nice large gold fish in your pond:-) Amazing though and its that 'If only' which so often one says when it comes to filming or taking pictures of wildlife.

  6. Hi Crista. From past experience there should be several opportunities to get better shots of the Heron standing in the pond. This was the first time I was able to get any sort of shot.

  7. True Adrian. They look so majestic when standing and those bright eyes miss nothing. I was lucky it hesitated long enough for me to grab the camera.

  8. Hi Lynmiranda. There used to be several large goldfish in the pond but the Heron had those last year. Fortunately, from one point of view anyway, they breed over well and there are enough to keep it going for a while yet. I just hope the newts stay out of view as they have probably returned to the pond by now.

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