Saturday, 12 December 2009

All Change

Yesterdays change of ISP went very smoothly. Switched on at 7.30 a.m. as usual to find the Tiscali connection was rejected. I hadn't expected things to be swapped over that early. Plugged in the new router and within a couple of minutes I was back on the net. So now I am with a company, Zen, which is at the top of the Which? best buy list of ISPs instead of one which has dropped into their Don't Buys. I had to wait until today before I could set up my new email addresses, which was a doddle. Can't say the same when it came to changing the personal information on some sites that I deal with though.

All change in the bird world.
A Coal Tit waits its turn as the Blue Tit makes off with a sunflower seed heart.

Coal and Blue Tits

Pity about the glare from the kitchen window.


  1. John someone was watching over you today. I would have been a year plucking up the courage to swap. Last router I installed took me three hours an hour of which was spent on the phone to India.

  2. Morning Adrian. Zen is expensive but all the user reports I read praised their customer support, which is in the UK, plus the reliability of their service. I've experienced that 0871 call to India frustration where if the problem doesn't fit the script on their monitor they have no idea so they just keep repeating the same thing over and over.

    Zen don't provide free routers but when you buy one from them they pre load it with the correct settings so it really was a case of plug in and start playing.

  3. Glad that all went smoothly John. I'd be totally lost without an internet connection.


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