Tuesday, 15 December 2009

At the Feeders

Thick cloud and rain all through yesterday but the bird visitors still need their food.

Bird Visitors

House Sparrows and Goldfinch
Male Blackbird, Goldfinches, Chaffinch
Male Blackbird with Robin and House Sparrows
Starling, Jackdaw


  1. Lovely selection of visitors John. They know when they're on a winner.
    That Starling looks very enterprising, clutching at the feeder. They'll try anything to get some food. lol

  2. A good collection of birds. I'm sure it must be nice to have them visit your bird feeder when the weather is not conducive to going outside too much. Bird feeders are much less common out here. Most people instead make an effort to plant trees and shrubs that attract birds.

  3. Hi John,

    Great to see that you have so many birds visiting at the moment. From what I have seen at the weekends, we too are getting plenty of visitors. I particularly liked the shot with the Blackbird, Robin and Sparrow. Its not often that they all position themselves next to each other like that.

    Just out of interest, are you getting any birds roosting in your camera nest box? I reckon its definitely cold enough, but I haven't seen any roost in ours this winter yet.

  4. Hello Keith. It is great to see a variety of birds visit the garden. The Starlings find it hard to perch on the rings on that feeder. I think they use up most of the energy from the seed just hanging on.

  5. Hello Mick. The problem here is the lack of food bearing plants and insect life in the Winter so the feeders are a great boon to helping the birds survive the cold weather. It almost reached -2C by bedtime last night.
    Of course the other advantage with feeders is that they bring the birds within easy view of my camera ;)

  6. Hello Joe. Yes, it has reached that time of year when the birds are finding it harder to find food.

    No roosters as yet. I didn't get any last winter until the new year when it got really cold.


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