Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A Bit Nippy This Morning

First off - Bobby sends his thanks to all those who left him their good wishes. He is walking much better since his visit to the vets and seems to be making a full recovery. In fact if you had seen him dash across the cricket field yesterday afternoon you would have wondered what all the fuss had been about. Hard to remember that on Sunday morning he had great difficulty even standing.

A quick glance at the readout from the outside thermometer this morning (0.5C) and I knew it was going to be a slow walk for both of us. The main street through the village had been salted but of course pedestrians don't count in the grand scheme of things and the footpaths were frosty with pockets of ice after some overnight rain. Bobby is always very good on these occasions and adjusts his speed down to mine. I slipped over on ice several years ago and I have no wish to repeat the experience.

Two shots of the skyline taken from my front door. The top one with the phone when we got back from out walk. The lower one with the old Canon 350D about an hour later.

Morning Sky

A quick zip through last nights video recording showed no sign of a mouse, just the usual cat. This morning the Blackbird beat the Robin to be first at the ground feeder.

As I was brewing my morning coffee it was as though a dark cloud had descended from the sky. The Starlings had arrived for breakfast and were milling around everwhere.

Starling Invasion

I could hardly see the bird table or the ground feeder at one stage. The Starlings must have left their roost early as the visitation was a good three quarters of an hour earlier than usual. They only stayed a couple of minutes but in that time the heaped seed trays ended up looking as though I had forgotten to put out any food.


  1. I'm so pleased Bobby is steadily improving, you must let us know what the vet says when he goes back, talking of which I seem to remember you have some test results due this month, I do hope that all goes well.

    It was a very cold night here too, I have never liked icy conditions, even as a child I was scared of falling over and a few years ago HLH was out with Louis, slipped down an icy slope and broke his wrist badly so he is very wary too.

    Well, what a lot of Starlings! They really are a rowdy lot and as you say devour so much food in moments. Nice skyline photos too.

  2. Hello Jan. Bobby is doing pretty well thank you. A bit uncomfortable sometimes but he has only just started his treatment. Yes my meeting is at the end of the month, if it doesn't get put off for a month like it was the last two years.

    That was just a few of the Starlings! These were so early and in such large numbers I feel the roost cannot be many miles away. They seem to swoop in for a short time before scattering in smaller groups.

  3. A tip John if it's icy put old socks over your shoes, or new ones even, cheaper than the consequences of a fall. Nice to see some clearish sky.

  4. You would rather keep Starlings a week, than a fortnight John.

  5. You would rather keep Starlings a week, than a fortnight John

  6. A little verse from my new Laptop about a few of your recent blog entries :)

    I'm glad to hear your lovely pet
    has visited the local vet
    and found relief from aching hip.
    Here's hoping that you both don't slip
    on morning walks down icy streets.

    A rainbow's one of nature's treats
    appearing magically it seems,
    as if the sun and rain have dreams
    of spreading joy to winter's blues.

    Descending starlings cannot lose
    When swooping through! ... A cloud of needs
    devouring all the breakfast seeds.
    Poor collared doves and sparrows flee!

    Nocturnal Norris heard your plea
    and ventured near your camera's eye.
    Of course I didn't need to spy
    ANOTHER MOUSE! Now where's my bucket?

  7. I love how the starlings' wing feathers appear outlined in gold. I like Adrian's suggestion about putting socks on over your shoes; very ingenious!


  8. Thank you Adrian. I'll look in to that idea.

  9. Hello Roy. They can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

  10. Thank you Glo. Ah - you got your early Christmas present up and running OK then.
    Lovely verses a s always Glo. Thank you again.

  11. Hello Wilma. For a common bird we take for granted they do have a certain beauty with all the different shades of colours on their feathers. I could almost forgive them for being so noisy and argumentative.


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