Monday, 14 December 2009

Do Rooks Hate Wheelie Bins?

These photos were taken in 2005 before this area went over to wheelie bins for refuse collection.


Back then, especially in the spring time, hoards of Rooks would descend on refuse collection days and examine every black sack they could reach for any morsels of food. A flimsy plastic sack was no match for their powerful beaks and often it would end up with plastic bags, stale bread and meat bones being scattered down the lane.

Geminid Meteor Shower
I wonder if any of you managed to spot the Geminid Meteor Shower last night. I had a look a couple of time but 100 percent thick cloud cover made any observations impossible. Last night was forecast to be the peak though it can continue until the 17th December. Some information can be seen on the Space Fellowship site.


  1. The Rooks can't get in but I'm surprised they haven't learnt how.
    I had a look for the space debris the night before as it was perfectly clear here. even set the camera up but saw nothing between midnight and two. Will lookup what time it is supposed to be at it's beat.

  2. Have the same trouble with Magpies here John. The wheelies haven't made it to my road yet.

    Missed the Meteor Shower too; thick cloud. And it's pouring with rain at the moment, so no good tonight either.

  3. We had significant cloud cover last night here in Minnesota too. Tonight it will be clearer, but with the temps below 0 F, I am not going to venture out!

  4. Hello Adrian. Full cloud cover again last night after a day of constant rain.

  5. Hello Keith. The corvids get very determined and can make one heck of a mess.
    Rain and thick cloud all day here also.

  6. Hello Wilma. I don't blame you staying snug and warm. It's not the time of year for standing out in the cold just in case there is something to see.


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