Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday at the Flicks (Merry Christmas, Snowy Weather)

A Christmastime greeting from Bobby (and yours truly) in the way of a slide show of him with a short video clip at the end.

The soundtrack this time is a short section from DJXMAS, a Protracker .mod file written by 'Death Jester' in 1992 and released on the acme bbs in Huston. Ah, memories of the time when the Amiga ruled when it came to music production on a home computer. Psycle was used to convert the mod file to an mp3 which can be heard in full (DJX.mp3 about 9.5 minutes) on my eSnips account. I think it can also be downloaded from there. Anyone wanting the original mod file can find it on the ModMecca site.

Yesterday brought the first snow of the Winter to this part of Lincolnshire. The day was a mixture of sunny periods with occasional blustery snow showers - but - birds still have to eat and a bit of snow and wind wasn't going to put any of the regulars off their food.

Another missed photo shoot opportunity. While I was concentrating on filming the activity at the Birdy Bistro I saw the Heron take off from my garden. A quick glance at the ripples in the pond showed what that was after!

We hope the weather is kind so you can enjoy observing the wildlife around you. Only a very small dusting of snow in this part of Lincolnshire so far this morning though more is forecast.


  1. A very merry Christmas to you and Bobby too John.

    Snow arrived here last night; couple of inches, and more on the way. :(

  2. Thank-you John, and a Merry Christmas to you and Bobby :-D

    Nice video of Bobby there with music again too. I’ve just added an update on my latest posting with a lovely little capture of a robin visit today. I did the audio swap thing on YouTube. The music worked very well but it ended abruptly.

    Ah… the snow scenes at the feeders, I love to see that. I captured some yesterday but the flakes were big and fast and it really wouldn’t have made a great video. Yours shows well how the birds are even more determined to stay at the feeders when its cold.

    Wow… that was some visit by that heron. I can’t believe it stayed on your roof so long. Great video there… what a brilliant opportunity :-D

    Wishing you a great weekend. Stay safe on the roads if you are out and about :-)

  3. great shot of Bobby rolling in the grass. He looks like one happy dog!

  4. Hello Keith. We finally got some snow over night so there is about an inch on the ground now and -2C

  5. Hello Shirl. At the time of filming the snow it was mainly small frozen balls of snow so the viewing was relatively clear. The little birds manage to cling on well no matter how much the feeder swings about.

    Not my roof Shirl. The Heron was a couple of houses away so it didn't really notice me or at least didn't think I was a threat.

    An inch or so of snow over night so the car is staying in the garage and we will stay in front of the fire, except for walkies time.

  6. Thank you Wilma. Bobby loves the sunny weather. He is really fed up now the ground is covered with cold snow.

  7. I loved the slide show of Bobby. I really miss my dogs so always enjoy watching other people's dogs enjoying themselves. Happy Christmas to you both.

  8. I can never get enough doggy pictures! smashing. Especially the big SIGH at the end! Happy Hound!

  9. Thank you Helen. After my last two passed away I said no more but I only lasted five weeks without a four legged companion.

  10. Hello Matron. Pleased you enjoyed his little slide show. It was a big satisfied sigh, the end of another busy day and time to relax and dream of chasing little furry creatures!

  11. John thanks, Molly sends her very best to Bobby and is glad the vet sorted him out. She says...VET...No swearing in the week before Christmas. All the best from me have a good one.

  12. Bobby says 'thank you' to Molly. At least he has long enough legs to walk in the snow.
    All the best to you both for Christmas. How do you fit a turkey in a slow cooker ;)


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