Saturday, 26 December 2009

In the Bleak Mid Winter

Most of the garden pond has been frozen over for several days. A little clear water is evident where there are thick growths of pond plants. Hopefully the higher temperatures today and tomorrow will melt some of it. Surprisingly the fish have survived these conditions in the past.

Frozen Garden Pond

The slightly higher temperature last night melted the top layer of compacted snow which has made walking even more treacherous. I cut this mornings walk very short. My lane does not get treated and there are no footpaths. This is the view from my front gate.

Ice bound Lane Ice bound Lane

It is possible to walk on the grass verge but every time we reached a driveway the compacted snow was like walking on glass covered with a layer of oil. The same goes for the road surface itself.

Not for Walking on

I don't think we will be straying very far today!


  1. You Take care. Looks as if we have a few days respite.

  2. I intend to Adrian. It's no fun going base over apex and I don't bounce as well as I used to ;)

  3. Your paths look similar to mine here; treacherous. I'll be glad when it's all gone.

  4. This is the worst aspect of snow - looks lovely when it's fresh but when it gets to this stage you just want it to dosappear........

  5. Same here Keith. This time of year it takes so long to get rid of it. We did manage to et a bit of a walk this morning.

  6. I agree Phil. It is fairly easy to walk on when fresh but frozen half melted snow is treacherous.

  7. Same here John, even though Buddy doesn't pull much at all on a lead,we are both slipping all over the place! Best stay in the back garden for a couple of days!

  8. Hello Matron. Bobby was a bit like Bambi on the frozen lake, legs going in all directions. Fortunately he is very patient and slows right down to my speed. Conditions eased a bit yesterday and should continue to thaw again today though the forecast night temperature isn't going to help much.


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