Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Night Visitor Returns + Thanks + Bobby Doing Fine

Last night a little mouse visited on two occasions. The first about 1.30 a.m.. The poor thing was soaking wet as it was raining heavily but that didn't put it off as it was nibbling away at the bird seeds for about six minutes. It, or another, came into view about 6 a.m. for a short while. Just before 7.30 a.m. the Robin was the first bird to arrive for its breakfast. There were no cats sighted in that area of the garden last night.

Whilst looking through the latest comments this morning I was pleased to find Glo of Porcelain Rose had left me another of her poems. Thank you Glo.

I'm glad to hear your lovely pet
has visited the local vet
and found relief from aching hip.
Here's hoping that you both don't slip
on morning walks down icy streets.

A rainbow's one of nature's treats
appearing magically it seems,
as if the sun and rain have dreams
of spreading joy to winter's blues.

Descending starlings cannot lose
When swooping through! ... A cloud of needs
devouring all the breakfast seeds.
Poor collared doves and sparrows flee!

Nocturnal Norris heard your plea
and ventured near your camera's eye.
Of course I didn't need to spy
ANOTHER MOUSE! Now where's my bucket?

The bucket refers to a problem Glo had with a mouse in her home that she was trying to catch so she could release it back in the wild. You can read about it HERE.

Also a belated thanks to Crista of Nature As Is who left me a Friends Award on her blog a while ago.I am most flattered and grateful. I really must try to work out how to get these awards to show on my blog. I am such a scatterbrain I keep forgetting.

An update on Bobby's progress. (Photo taken last year)

His medication seems to be working well. On our way back from our afternoon walks I had got used to him lagging behind. He would stop to have a good sniff and I would have to wait for him to slowly amble along until he caught up. Yesterday he was actually trotting along and getting ahead of me. Obviously, now, his arthritis had been coming on for a while but like many animals he didn't make a fuss about it but just carried on as best he could. The sudden problem with his back legs last Sunday was probably a blessing in disguise as he can enjoy his walks even more now.


  1. If only our pets could talk to us John! When a condition like that comes on gradually and we are with them all the time it is so easy not to notice a slow deterioration and realise when something is wrong. I am so glad Bobby is responding to treatment and hope he continues to improve. What a lovely dog he is, I really do feel I 'know' him, it is lovely to see him and hear about his adventures.

    Great piece of video, the little mouse looks very well fed. I saw the neighbour's killer cat skulking around near where my mouse/mice feeds the other evening so that was good for a chase down the garden!

  2. John amazing how good vets are. Often thought we would be better using them. Glad he's back giving you the run around. Don't suppose you fancy a swap? Mine is really in the bad book today!
    Love these videos. Who would have thought a mouse could be so entertaining.

  3. Good to hear Bobby's on the mend John.

  4. Hello Jan. If only our pets could talk - sometimes!! I hate to think how much I would get nagged starting an hour before each walkies time ;)

    The little mouse was having a good tuck in to the bird seed in spite of the weather.

  5. Hello Adrian. The vet I use has a good nation wide reputation and, compared with some, isn't too expensive.
    I don't think you would appreciate Bobby's long tail in confined spaces. Some days it is like a lethal weapon. When he wags it too close it's like being hit with a lump of wood!

    I find it fascinating watching the everyday behaviour of animals we rarely get to see.

  6. Thank you Keith. It is great to see him more active.

  7. Thanks for the mention, link and for posting my poemy comment ;)

    I forgot to mention that I'm getting quite a kick out of your "Random Funny Things to Ponder".

    Not too sure that I like looking at mice in action, but at least they are in your back garden, not mine!

    Good to see that Bobby is feeling even better.

  8. Hello Glo. My pleasure.
    I spotted 'Funny Things' when I was browsing the Add a Gadget section of Blogger and though that would lighten things up a bit.
    I am happy as long as Nocturnal Norris stays where he belongs - outside.

  9. I'm glad to read that Bobby is much better.

  10. Thank you Lynmiranda. Bobby seems to be progressing more every day.


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