Tuesday, 29 December 2009

No Fish Dinner Today

As I was standing by the sink in the kitchen a large grey shape glided across my view. The local Heron had come to pay a visit to see whether fish were back on the menu yet. Fortunately for the fish, and unfortunately for the Heron, the pond is still frozen over.

Heron Visits the Frozen Pond

It stood there for a while keeping one eye on the pond and the other on me. In the end it decided there was no free meal and took off.

Heron Taking Off

A bit on the blurry side but gives a good impression of just how long their wings are. From this photograph it appears to me that there is a double layer of feathers under part of each wing.

It must be very difficult in the weather conditions we have been experiencing for birds such as Kingfishers and Herons to find the food they need.


  1. That stopped his game then John.

  2. He does look fed up in the first lol

  3. It might get a bit expensive if you have to keep fish on the menu for that bird! It's a beauty!

  4. What might have happened ....

    A heron named Harry was wishing
    He’d learned the fine art of ice fishing,
    For here and beyond
    There was ice on each pond,
    With nary a fishtail a-swishing.

    He saw a few holes, which was thrilling!
    Perhaps they were left from John’s drilling.
    He had to admit
    That his beak wouldn’t fit
    And to foot the whole bill would be chilling.

    He stood on the edge looking wistful
    Pretending his mouth held a fistful ~
    An instinctual drive
    He decided to dive ~
    Upended and stuck in the midstful!

  5. I should think he was Keith. Food must be hard to come by at the moment.

  6. It would Mick. At something like three feet tall I would imagine it needs a fair amount of food each day.

  7. Very true Frank. The village must be his local patch as I see him /her most days flying around here.

  8. It is Wilma. At about three feet tall it is the largest visitor I get.

  9. Brilliant Glo. Thank you so much once again.


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