Monday, 8 February 2010

Bedlam at the Feeders

An abrupt change in the weather this morning brought a gusty wind with rain and snow mixed. It is a long while since I had to top up the seed feeders during the morning but the birds had obviously taken notice of the weather forecast for a cold spell which may last into next week and decided to stock up with as much as possible in the shortest time.

Clear off mate. I was here first.

Go find you own feeder. This one is occupied.
House Sparrows and Greenfinches

Tally Ho. We will soon knock all those Sparrows off their perches.
Greenfinches Arrive

Ah. A free space at last.
Greenfinches and Tree Sparrow

How do you get the seeds out through those tiny slots?
Tree Sparrows

It's all mine.
It's All Mine

 It has been a while since so many Greenfinches came to the feeders near the kitchen. They usually prefer the feeders nearer the bottom of the garden.


  1. Hi John, yes, they are definitely stocking up, it has turned colder again here and we have had snow this morning but thankfully it is not settling...yet!

    Poor birds! They look so desperate. How lovely to see the Tree Sparrows have become regular visitors to your garden, they do look rather puzzled at the niger seed feeder though :)

    Great captions, those Greenfinches can be very feisty!

  2. Hello Jan. Bit late answering this one. For the past few days the feeders have been empty before the end of the day. That didn't happen even in all that snowy weather last month.

    From being shy visitors the Tree Sparrows are now quite aggressive and push the House Sparrows off the feeders.

  3. Hi again John, loved these action shots. Great to see the Tree Sparrow still with you. Is it a winter visitor usually? Think ours were passing through as haven’t spotted them much lately :-(

  4. Hello Shirl. When so many birds are vying for eating places it makes it easier to get some action shots.

    I haven't really noticed the Tree Sparrows in the past but I read that they will join with House Sparrows visiting gardens in the Winter. I expect they will go back to the field hedgerows when the warmer weather eventually arrives.


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