Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Every now and then a Blackbird decides it wants to eat from one of the seed feeders. The problem is that the ring perches are too small for them to balance and get their head in the hole so they have to flap like mad to maintain their balance.

Determined Blackbird

The Pheasant continues to make the odd appearance. This time it was interested in a fat ball I had placed in the ground dish so the Blackbirds could get their share.

Pheasant Eating Fatball 2

Whoops - clumsy!
Pheasant Eating Fatball

There should be a video clip of this action on Friday.

As far as the Collared Doves are concerned Spring must be round the corner. This morning I spotted one breaking a thin branch off one of my dwarf trees and flying off with it into the large Leylandii.


  1. Lovely picture of your Blackbird:)

  2. Lovely photos again John! The Blackbirds certainly are very determined, I have had them trying to balance on my small feeders too! Your Pheasant still makes me smile :)

  3. Great capture of the Blackbird John. They're not so energetic here; much prefering to feed from the ground.

  4. Thank you Lynmiranda. I take lots of shots and hope for a decent one so it was pure luck to get the wings in that position.

  5. Thank you Jan. I have been surprised to see the odd Blackbird trying to get at the feeders. The pheasant always looks so calm, at least until it is scared off then it makes such a noise as it flies away.

  6. Thank you Keith. I think is just sheer numbers driving some to try for a calmer place to eat away from all the squabbling. I really must move that cable which links the 'hoggy cam' as it spoils some pictures.


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