Saturday, 6 February 2010

Just Good Friends

A couple of House Sparrows were sat next to each other calmly ignoring the constant arguments between the Blackbirds on the ground below.

Just Good Friends

Here a pair of Collared Doves were sat on top of the artificial wagon wheel taking it in turns to preen each other. It was probably this pair I saw mating the day before and one of which was snapping small branches off a miniature tree to take up to the tall Leylandii.

Collared Doves Preening

They stayed there for about ten minutes so I was also able to take some video which I will probably keep for Friday.

Nest box news.

A Brief Visit to the Blue Tit Nest Box

A Blue Tit made a very brief visit to the nest box yesterday so at least they haven't forgotten about it.

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