Monday, 1 February 2010

Pigeons in Flight

There can be up to five Wood Pigeons in the garden at the same time these days and they are often flying around the neighbourhood. Yesterday I stood just outside the back door to see what I could get in the way of flight shots.

Just about to land on the telegraph pole - a favourite vantage spot.
Flight 4

Racing a Greenfinch to the trees.
Flight 3

Wings and tail spread for a glide down.
Flight 1

Touch down -
The Angel of the East Midlands? - with apologies to the Angel of the North.
Flight 2

After spending two nights in a tree at the bottom of the garden and staying around long enough to be counted the Pheasant seems to have moved elsewhere.

So far I have seen no more activity in the Blue Tit nest box since my last piece of video.


  1. Nice photos John and the last one reminded me immediately of the Angel of the North :)

  2. The last two pictures are great. I know it is not easy to capture birds in flight.

  3. Thank you Jan. That last one reminded me of the Angel straight away, more colourful though ;)

  4. Thank you Lynmiranda. As you say flight shots can be difficult. I was pleased with the third and the last would have been better if it had been in the clear but it still showed off the wings nicely.

  5. Good captures John.
    Strange you mention the Blue Tits and the nest box. I was thinking about them today, and wondering how things were developing.

  6. I like the way woodpigeons take off, clapping their wings when they get to the top of their climb. Their courtship is very entertaining too, but they make heavy demands on the bird feeder, in every sense of the term, shaking the whole birdtable when they land to hoover up the sunflower seeds...

  7. That 3rd shot is good John with the fanned tail plus good detail. Well done.

  8. Hello Keith. Thanks. I have an automatic recorder which starts if any movement is detected in the box but there has been nothing recently. Maybe the sudden drop in temperature has put them off house hunting for a while.

  9. Hello Phil. Yes, they do make a bit of a clatter when taking off. I managed to make the feeders a no go area for the larger birds so they have to feed on the ground!

  10. Thank you Frank. I was pleased with that third one. Often by the time the auto focus, even a fast one, has done its job the bird has moved on.


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