Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Winter is Still With Us

Didn't get far on the morning walk. Not much more than a hundred yards or so on the nearest grass verge. After last night's rain and a drop in temperature the road and pavements where a smooth sheet of ice. A little later I could hardly see the houses opposite as a blizzard descended for a while. The snow showers have continued on and off all day so far though with a rise in temperature it isn't settling for long.

As can be heard on the soundtrack the Sparrows have hardly paused for breath all day as they chatter about the awful weather conditions.


  1. John, just catching up but thought i would let youknow that I purchased a pair of instep crampons. Basically a nylon pad with self tappers screwed through. very effective and only £13.00p

  2. Those conditions on your walk sounded horrible. We didn't have that here at all but have had the snow this afternoon, I was amazed how much fell in minutes. It hasn't really stayed on the paths though but if it freezes tonight I think it will be treacherous!

    Lovely to see Bobby again, is he still on the tablets, does he still have problems?

  3. Hello Adrian. They sound fine. I'll have to do a bit of Googleing (They can't touch you for it).

  4. Hello Jan. They were, it looked just like oiled glass so I stayed well clear of it, much to Bobby's disappointment though he kept doing an imitation of Bambi on the frozen pond with his legs sliding in different directions.

    Yes. I think Bobby will have to stay on the tablets permanently. One front leg plays up. An old injury from before he came to me. That is usually self inflicted as he will hurtle across the gravel in the front garden in his haste to get to the front gate. Otherwise he is fine and usually has a couple of gallops on the cricket field most afternoons.

  5. What a handsome fellow your Bobby is! He seems to move quite freely, has a lovely trot! I really swear by cod liver oil and glucosamine for Buddy! keeps him nimble!

  6. Hello Matron. Bobby has his good and bad days - an old injury to a front leg gets him limping sometimes and his back legs are a bit stiff but he can still put on a very fast burst when he wants.

    How do you administer the cod liver oil? I take that myself. I suppose some could be mixed with his food.

  7. Hi again John, aw… more of that white stuff! Glad we escaped it this week :-)

    Lovely sunny morning here. Looking out, the ground doesn’t look frozen either. Maybe I’ll get some gardening done for a change :-D

    Wishing you a good ‘weather’ weekend ;-)

  8. Hello Shirl. At least it was only the occasional snow shower and most of the time it melted on the paths.


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