Monday, 16 August 2010

Another Unidentified Fly

I was filming a damselfly laying eggs in my pond when I noticed this fly on one of the lily pads.

Unknown Fly 1

What was unusual was the way it was moving its proboscis side to side across the leaf just like a vacuum cleaner.

Unknown Fly 2

I have tried some searches in the hope of finding out what type of fly it is, but so far have found nothing which looks like this one. In size it was about 10 to 12mm in length which might explain why I did not even notice the other bugs on the leaf until I cropped and enlarged the photo. They would appear to be only 1 or 2mm in size.

Unknown Fly 3

With luck there may be some video of it on Friday along with the damselfly.

While I was looking for the above fly on the internet I did find what I think is an identification of the red eyed fly from a while ago.

Red Eyed Fly

I am now pretty sure it was a Flesh Fly from the group Sarcophagidae. I don't think it will take three guesses to work out what its diet is.


  1. Good morning John :) Well, there's the Hover fly and now you've discovered the Hoover fly ;) Can't wait for the Friday Flicks to watch it cleaning up the pad!

  2. John I'm guessing but suspect some type of Empid Fly.

  3. The wing arrangement of that new fly reminds me of a horse fly?

  4. Hello Glo. You were up early, or was it late! I'm not sure whether I managed to film it doing its household chores until I check the video clips.

  5. It is a possibility Adrian. So far I haven't managed to find a picture of one with red legs.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Matron. Looking at photos of horse flies they seem to have short dumpy bodies.
    BTW - love your hairy cucumber, sounds delicious.

  7. Hi John I'd go for an Empid spp, but that's where I then draw a blank.. sorry !

  8. Hello TWR. It seems a good possible. There are three on a French page I found which almost match my photo, The site works in Google Translate OK.

    I'll settle for it being a Empid of one sort or another.

    Hope you are pleased with your new camera.

  9. Hi again, John ~ it was late! as it is again tonight. It's been in the 30's again, which isn't conducive to going to bed early. Cooling down the next few days though. Back to your photo ~ I'm glad to see you have a possible identification. Many of us just accept a fly as a fly, without realizing the intricacies of various types.

  10. Hello again Glo. We must find some way of mixing our temperatures. I could do with a bit of extra warmth and you could have some of my cool breezes ;)

    I've gone through life thinking there may be a dozen or so different flies but when I start looking there are a vast variety.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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